Owl City, Population: Rip-Off

Owl City

Apparently this song about lightning bugs or something has become crazy popular with tweens across America. When I first heard it, it sounded only mildly horrible. Certainly not bloggable. Seemed like a decent formula for 09 success:  R2D2-esque beeping, a music video slathered in nostalgia, and breathy/whiny/shitty vocals. What else could a pre-alt 13 year old girl hope for really?

Only kind of sucked at first.

Then one day while trying to justify why this Bird Town song was ok. I figured out that I was only ok with this song because it sounded like a substandard attempt at sounding like ‘The Postal Service’. Maybe it’s unfair to compare the two, because Postal Service is noticeably less shitty. At the same time Owl City has to realize, that there is really only room for one malt-stream, breathy/whine-core band out there. And as long as I still remember Postal Service, I think it is too soon to be playing this type of music.

Feel like Bird Town is to Postal Service as the Sequel’s to American Pie are to American Pie 1. And I don’t mean the immediate sequels. More like the ones that came out like 5-6 years later. So that enough time had passed for a brand new generation to emerge, who was unaware that a higher quality version of the same thing already existed. The only thing is that now the movies(songs) are made with a smaller budget so that none of the characters(artists) who made the first couple movies even marginally funny(enjoyable) were involved. Leaving us with some immature mass-produced garbage.

Heard people say that they could clearly tell the difference between Owl City and Postal Service. I would hope so. They are different bands with different musicians. Usually don’t find myself struggling to tell the difference between some drunk guy at a party playing ‘Wonderwall’ on his acoustic and the actual band ‘Oasis’. That doesn’t mean that guitar-bro isn’t trying to copy Oasis/score.

"If the chorus to Weezers Island in the Sun doesnt get me laid. I dont know what will"

“Man, if the chorus to Weezer’s ‘Island in the Sun’ doesn’t get me laid, I don’t know what will”.

Just cuz Adam Young is worse than Ben Gibbard at the whole breathy/emo/electro thing doesn’t get him a pass on the copy-cat charges in my book anyways. Seems pretty obvious that Young was eagerly waiting for the last Postal Service fans to graduate high school before dropping his LP.

I do have to give the guy props for lyricism though. I mean not everyone could rhyme hugs with bugs:

‘Cause I’d get a thousand hugs
From ten thousand lightning bugs
As they tried to teach me how to dance

Do you think Owl City is ripping off Postal Service?
Do you care?
How many electro/breath-core bands do you think can coexist in the same market?


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