Surfer Blood – Astro Coast Album Review

Ok, anyone that knows me fairly well already knows that I have been thoroughly obsessed with this cd for the past couple months even though it doesn’t technically come out till 2010. Saw these guys in October in a shitty dive bar. Had to sit through two of the worst bands ever before they played. They might have sounded better just based on how shitty the first two bands were. Whatever the case, I was hooked. Seems like they have been getting pretty big of late. Lot of hype on the internet/music community about this cd. Basically became the buzz band of 2010 already. These guys seem like they have a super marketable sound. Kind of hope that they cross-over to main stream media just so I can legitimately be one of those fans that says “I only liked Surfer Blood before they got famous. Too bad they sold out”.

Roof chillin'/soakin up their favorable Pitch4k review

Heard a lot of comparisons between these guys and early Weezer stuff. I like these comparisons. They do kind of sound like a Sperry Topsider wearing beachy version of ‘Blue Album’ Weezer. Except that Surfer Blood’s music has some serious balls. The first single and opening track “Swim (to reach the end)” is a fist pumping, stereo blasting anthem full of youth and testosterone. The type of music that gets u pumped up without getting you angry.

In a time of stripped down minimalist rock like ‘The XX’, something about the youthful excitement and energy that comes out of this album is really appreciated. Every song is complete with a bohemian type breakdown mid song. This type of Corona sipping vibe is most apparent on “Catholic Pagans” (my fave track), a short quirky song about trying to hold on to a love.

So much music today seems pretentious. Kind of growing tired of stuff that I struggle to ‘get’. Surfer Blood seems to have that fun loving care free element of the ‘garage rock genre’ without sounding soo rough around the edges. If pure unadulterated rock ‘n’ roll is what you are looking for then you are gonna dig this cd. Feel like the term rock ‘n’ roll can only be used when you are ecstatic with a particular band.

The song above, “Anchorage” really grew on me. It comes off much more restrained than the other songs on the album which come at you more like an energetic puppy that you can’t help but fall for. Anchorage starts off with just a drum beat and and the occasional echoing guitar strum, and slowly builds to a head bobbing, air guitar inducing pop-rock epic by about the 3:30 mark. If you don’t like this cd you might not be a fun person. Every song on here kind of reminds me of “the middle” by Jimmy Eat World, in a really great way.

Do you think Surfer Blood will go main stream?
Is “Florida-fi” the next big trend in indie music?
What is the difference between rock and rock ‘n’ roll?

Surferblood 5 out of 5.


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