Beach House – Teen Dream (Norway, Indie chix, dream-pop, and the hype)

Norway - The most relevant song of 2010?

Figured that if I wanted to be considered a relevant/worthwhile blog in the upcoming year/decade that I had better mention “Beach House”. Heard that this is supposed to be the first truly relevant song of 2010 via pitch4k and Gorillavsbear.

Not completely sure that I am as sold on it as everyone else seems to be. Seems like a lot of people just sort of  jump on the bandwagon once they hear that a song is good/meaningful/important/bloggable. This might happen pretty regularly amongst people in the ‘alt community’ who are  seeking acceptance/internet fame. I might be ruining my career as a future internet juggernaut by saying that ‘Norway’ is only pretty good.

Bandwagon jumping was was pretty ‘in’ in 2009.

Girls "Album" - Not sure that I ever heard a convincing argument as to why Girls was so popular in 09. Think people were desperate for a band without a synth that they could say they enjoyed.

The Very Best "Warm Heart of Africa" Not sure why it was ok to like these posers in 09, when I had to feel embarassed/uncultured for liking Vampire Weekend in 2008.

Starting to wonder if pitch4k even forms its own opinions. Feel like they might be losing touch. Part of me thinks they just read gorillavsbear or stereogum or “this broad“, in order to find the music that is truly meaningful. Pitch4k’s pretentiousness and alt cred might actually be less than authentic. Pitch4k might be the equivalent to “The Killers” of the alt music reviewing world. Not that I hate the “The Killers”. That song,  ‘When you were young’ is one of those songs that I think is created to ensure that every human being on earth enjoys it.

Would you still go to a killers concert?

I heard that ‘Beach House’ was part of some new genre called “dream pop”. Seems like this is just a marriage of the ambient ethereal type music (that sophisticated listeners like to brag about liking), with more accessible electro-rock. This genre could = the perfect storm of indie success. Enough atmosphere to sound unique/experimental, while still having a base rooted in popular sounds so that concert goers can at least bob their heads/sway awkwardly while the music plays. Now people can say they really enjoy artsy type music without having to completely fake it.

Beach House seems to be made up of your typical alt bro (kind of shaggy and lean) and a cute(ish) indie chick.

I think deep down a lot of us want a girl who dresses like this and has legit ties to the alt music scene.

The success of the band beyond this single seems like it might rely on how well this girl’s personal image can be marketed. Bands like ‘Ra Ra Riot’ and ‘The Dirty Projectors’ really seemed to do a good job of marketing this ‘Urban Outfitters dressing room girl’ aesthetic. Thinkin’ that it is pretty common for guys see these quirky fashionable indie rock girls and start to wish that they had a girlfriend that was as authentic as they are. Feel as if the indie rock eye candy niche has only just begun to be filled.

Ra Ra Riot = Run of the mill indie rock + hot chix.

Did 'The Dirty Projectors' girls unrealistically raise your expectations/ruin your dating life?

Not sure how musically important this ‘Beach House’ girl is to the band. Seems like I mainly hear the guy. I feel like anyone could learn to play the keyboard for a dream-pop band, but this girl might be an effective gimmick.

Overall, I am still trying to sift through this album, but I just felt like I had to mention it before it became like an infinity blog years old.

Is dream-pop the ‘apex’ of indie music?

What is your alt blog/music review/media outlet of choice?

Is this Beach House girl actually talented/hot?

Which Ra Ra Riot or Dirty Projectors chick would you most like to make out with?

As of now* Beach House – Teen Dream = 3 out of 5.


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