Gold Motel EP – Review (Greta, and house parties and skinny ties)

Gold Motel - Pop rock done right.

Recently listened to this debut ep by ‘Gold Motel’. Apparently it is a solo project by Greta Salpeter. I had never heard of her but apparently she was the lead singer for some band called ‘The Hush Sound’.

The Hush Sound? Feel like I may have heard the name before...Not sure though.

Not sure that I ever listened to the Hush Sound. Seems like a band name I (should) know. Definitely couldn’t tell you of anything they played. Anyways, started listenin to this ep and well, it’s pretty damn good. Feel like I shouldn’t play this one in a situation with just guys or I may get beat up/judged. However, it does appear to be the type of music that can score you some points with the ladies. The whole thing is chock full of the type lighthearted, bouncy pop-rock that college aged girls seem to eat up (see Feist, She & Him, Florence + The Time Machine etc).

The opening track ‘Perfect In My Mind’ really seems to capture the whole vibe of the EP.

Seems like the type of tune that bros won’t admit to liking but will secretly turn up a few notches in the car when no one is around. This is one of those songs that deep down seems to have a universal appeal. The music video is pretty fitting as well. Seems like a pretty cool party of classy, young, alt(ish), upper middle class kids. Looks like the type of party that you envision throwing when you finally get your own place and are living on your own in the city. Too bad that parties don’t often end up like that, via your parents not having enough money to ‘get you started’ with such a kick ass apartment in a ‘hip’ neighborhood.

This is probably more likely to be what my 23rd-27th B-days will look like.

Looks like the type of party that was too cool for ‘pong’. Maybe if I start wearing a ‘skinny tie’ to business casual situations I will attract the type of friends who throw these types of parties.

Also, I might have fallen in love with this Greta girl. Feel like she is pretty unattainable. Her only flaw that I can pick up from the music video seems to be that she only has one dance move: ‘the tiltyheaded half turn’ (see 1:07-1:12 of the music video). This isn’t a huge issue with me.

Greta Salpeter ❤ - Good thing she had this large dog to rest her head on after all that 'tilty headturning dancing'.

The rest of the EP is really good as well. I’m probably not as fond of the slow track “Who Will I Be Tonight”, but I guess it was necessary to have one slower song on the cd. Even though I don’t love that track I still think the vocals are pretty enjoyable and the song provides a much needed change of pace to the cd. Overall, this ep is the type of straightforward, fun, pop rock that doesn’t actually suck. Feel like Gold Motel has ‘Apple Commercial’ potential.

Is it alright to be a man and like ‘chick rock’?
What is the key to throwing a killer indie house party?
Is the ’tilty head’ going to be the alt version of the Stanky Leg?
Do young kids in skinny ties = style or privilege?

Gold Motel Ep – 4.5 out of 5


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