The Teenagers – Homecoming (Gimmicks, shock value and the C-word)

Is being ballsy better than being good?

Don’t know if you have heard this song by “The Teenagers” called “Homecoming”. It’s pretty old, especially in blog years. But if you haven’t heard it here you go…

Could be one of the more shocking songs of our generation. This is saying something because I feel like we live in a time where it is hard to be shocked by media: Generation ‘Hostel’. Think that hearing this song for the first time made me as uncomfortable as adults in the 50’s were when they saw Elvis move his hips for the first time. Guess I’m just not that used to the C-word being thrown around soo liberally. Seems like that’s a word guys can only use when they want an argument/break-up, and I feel like with girls, the amount they use the c-word is directly proportional to how skanky/trashy a girl is. Probably don’t want to date ne one that is throwing C-bombs around.

Seems that without the shock value of the lyrics/delivery that this song/band would be pretty irrelevant. I mean it is a catchy enough tune but I’m not sure that I would have given it much attention if this bro in the song didn’t appear to be such a male chauvinist/playa-type character. I feel like vulgarity is a pretty solid gimmick to get you famous/a billion youtube hits. Eminem seemed to use this vulgar-gimmick to get his career off to a big start with “My Name Is”, and then he just kind of has been riding this wave for a while now.

Started to think about other gimmicky songs that I really liked…

Addeboy Vs Cliff: Beep My Beep – Pretty silly overall but I do like this song. Having a hard time deciding on whether the beeping adds or detracts though

Brazilian Girls: Don’t stop – Provocative use of the word ‘coming’ probably got them a few more hits. *Side note* – WTFuck is the concept of this music video?

Das Racist (Wall Paper Remix): Combination Pizza Hut & Taco Bell – An eloquent musical critique on American consumerism

Smell Yo’ Dick – Riskay: Took me a while to believe that this was a real song. Now, kind of lovin’ it

Feel like that in order to be a true gimmick song success you need to either inspire tons of parody videos on youtube or video blogs of independent black women discussing your song. Can’t imagine the success rate for many bands with gimmick songs being their singles is very high. Kind of want to be a one hit wonder and spend a shit ton of money in a two year span (via MC Hammer). Even afterwords I can probably make middle class money doing occasional, degrading commercials and ‘talking head’ appearances on VH1 countdowns.

Hammer Time - Parachute pants: best gimmick ever?

Were you shocked by homecoming?
Do you think that it is a good song?
What is your favorite gimmick song?
How do you get to vh1 ‘talking head’ status?


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