Obligatory Best of the Decade List (Tracks)

Tried to avoid doing a best of the decade list, but because we live in the VH1 countdown generation something still compelled me to make one, maybe societal expectations/the innate human desire to see things listed. Might be (probably am) too young to be making this list. Still gonna give it a shot. Feel like it is sort of hard to put songs from 09 into this list. Haven’t been able to let them sit and digest long enough. Anyways, here are my top songs…

50) Macklemore – I Said Hey (2005)

Hip hop with a soul and a story.

49) Andrew Bird – Measuring Cups (2005)
I feel like everything I like about Andrew Bird is apparent in this song.

48) TV on the Radio – Dancing Choose (2008)
Song that best sums up the vibe of 08’s best album.

47) Belle and Sebastian – The Blues are Still Blue (2006)
B and S’ new more flushed out pop rock sound was on full display in this song.

46) Justin Townes Earle – They Killed John Henry (2009)
Classic Americana with a modern touch.

45)BlakRoc – Ain’t Nothing Like You (2009)
Feel like this would have been higher up if it wasn’t soo new.

44)Spoon – The Way We Get By (2002)
Spoon consistently produces really cool mature alt rock. And this song is no exception

43) Ray Lamontagne – Empty (2006)
The Type of song that is best enjoyed with a good pair of headphones and you eyes closed.

42) The Roots – Seed 2.0 (2002)

Rap is better with a live band.

41)Girl Talk – Play your part (pt 2) (2008)
Epic ending to one of the more strangely appealing cds of 2008 and the decade

40) Black Lips – Veni Vidi Vici (2007)
Great lazy summer jam

39) The Killers – When You Were Young (2006)
One of those songs that can appeal to just about anyone

38)Kanye West – Gold Digger (2005)
A bit overplayed in 05 but this song aged well

37) Franz Ferdinand – Take Me out (2004)
There is a reason that this song had main stream appeal.

36) The Black Keys – I Got Mine (2008)
If I ever get into a bar fight at a biker bar, I hope this starts playing.

35) The Flaming Lips – Fight Test (2002)
Heard that they got sued up the ass by Cat Stevens for this one. Sucks.

34) Ben Kweller – Wasted and Ready (2002)
A great scream at the top of you lungs chorus

33)Yeasayer – Sunrise (2007)

I can only imagine what this song is like while on acid.

32) Ted Leo & The Pharmacists – Me and Mia (2004)
Just a really great feel good rock song

31)Cake – Short Skirt Long Jacket (2001)
Baseline of the Decade

30)Blitzen Trapper – Furr (2008)
Something about this song is just really comforting

29)The Avett Brothers – Go To Sleep (2007)
The best curtain call I ever saw.

28)The Shins – Caring is Creepy (2001)
That whistling echoing in the distance is the perfect way to start out what was a wonderful album

27)The Decemberists – Sons and Daughters
What way to cap off ‘Crane Wife’. Everything the Decemberists do is big.

26)Iron and Wine – Pagan Angel and a Borrowed Car (2007)
Feel like this is the Iron and Wine song that even those who don’t like Iron and Wine really like

25)Gorrilaz – Clint Eastwood (2001)

Without a doubt one of the most memorable choruses of the decade. Also proof that a music video can go a long way.

24)Architecture In Helsinki – The Cemetery (2006)
Quirky, offbeat and crazy fun. Everything that AIH stood for over the last decade all crammed into 2 minutes

23) Yo La Tengo – Our Way to Fall (2003)
The soft vocals and sweet innocence of the lyrics complement each other too perfectly.

22)Atmosphere – Yesterday (2007)
Don’t Know if there is a better lyricist out there than slug.

21) Mos Def – Sex Love and Money (2004)

When Mos gets a beat that is as cool as his lyrics, this is what happens

20) Red Hot Chili Peppers – Zephyr Song (2002)
The Chili Peppers have evolved and aged well.

19) The Magnetic Fields – I don’t believe you (2004)
No one does whimsical, eloquent angst like the Magnetic Fields. I think this song is something we all have felt. At least I have.

18) Old Crow Medicine Show – Wagon Wheel (2004)
The simplicity of a song about a guy just trying to get home to his girl is really appealing to me. Great road trip tune.

17) Ben Folds – Not the Same (2001)
Guy gets strung out on acid at a party, climbs a tree, and becomes a born again Christian. Song concept of the decade

16) Brett Dennen – When You Feel It (2006)
Vaguely Paul Simonish, with just the right amount of youthful exuberance

15) Passion Pit – Little Secrets (2009)
Arguably the danciest song of the decade

14) Wilco – I Am Trying to Break Your Heart (2002)
My introduction to Wilco, and a magical one at that

13) Beck – Lost Cause (2002)

Saddest song/album of the decade?

12) Modest Mouse – Float On (2004)
Feel like this was a lot of people’s intro to indie music.

11) The Strokes – Last Night (2000)
This song spawned a decade full of retro inspired garage rockers

10) Fleet Foxes – Tiger Mountain Peasant Song (2007)

Not sure whether this song takes me to Appalachia or Medieval Euroupe. Ether way, it is beautiful.

9) OutKast – Hey Ya! (2003)
And it would be universally enjoyed at school dances and weddings for years to come

8 ) The Magic Numbers – I See You, You See Me (2005)

Stripped down so that you can really hear the emotion in the voices of both singers

7) Peter Bjorn and John – Amsterdam (2006)
Best cruisin’ song ever.

6) Justin Timberlake (Ft. T.I.) – My Love (2006)
Justin Timberlake is a what a pop superstar should be.

5) MGMT – Time To Pretend (2008)
Anthem of youth, fun and living for today.

4) Jay-Z – Izzo (H.O.V.A) (2001)
Mainstream rap used to be fun.

3) Sufjan Stevens – Casimir Pulaski Day (2005)
Sufjan manages to be simultaneously somber, tasteful and playful while posing serious questions about religion. “And he takes and he takes and he takes” is one of the more perfectly abrupt endings to a song that I have ever heard.

2) M.I.A. – $20 (2007)

One of the more hypnotizing songs I have ever heard. The 2-3 fake endings in the song also really add to the overall effect.

1) Josh Ritter – Kathleen (2003)

Sure it is just a guy with an acoustic guitar singing a mildly sappy love (sex) song. But I feel like this is really the creme de la creme of the genre. This is the song that every guy who ever picked up a guitar wishes he had written. This is a bonafide lighter waving, heart melting, everyone in the audience knows the words, ballad, in every sense of the word.


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