The Drums: Let’s Go Surfing – Track Review

The Drums - Could be gay

Seems like there is a ton of ‘surf-rock’ being produced these days (Surfer Blood, Girls, Explorers Club etc).Not really completely sure what makes a song ‘surf music’. I used to think it had to be upbeat but Girls proved otherwise in 09. Felt like ‘Girls: Album’ was one of the more ‘hopeless’ feeling albums of the year. Think that in order to be considered ‘surf rock’, it’s important to have a part on every song that could easily be played by a Ukulele. ‘The Drums’ seem to fit right into this wave riding revival.

Let’s go Surfing

Kind of upset that I only recently heard ‘Let’s go surfing’. Feel like it has amazing summer jam potential. Basically all of the necessary components are met. Some of the most important elements are that catchy whistling that kind of sounds like it is borrowed from “Young Folks” by Peter Bjorn and John (One of the better songs of my generation/ever).

Also, it seems to use some old school playground type rhyme near the end of the song. The type of thing young ethnic children probably jump rope to. Really not that unlike that ‘Nelly’ song that owned the radio for that one summer when u were a kid. Realistically still a good song. I feel like if ‘Outkast’ wrote it. We would all be more willing to accept this.

Along side a ‘beachy vibe’ these two things might be all that a song really needs to be a summer jam. Kind of hopin’ that this is legitimately good and that I am not just a sucker for anything with whistling.

I liked the music video as well. Felt kind of sorry for the steady cam operator though (via excessive sand backpedaling). I have to say that I was kind of disappointed in how feminine the lead singer looked though. Not sure why this was such a let down for me. Guess I just wanted him to seem like a bro I could chill with. Ne wayyyyz, good song.

What do you think makes music ‘surferish’?
Did you dance to ‘Country Grammar’?….never mind I know you did.
Can you think of a song with whistling that sucks?
Has a singers femininity ever disappointed you?

“Let’s Go Surfing” – 4.5 out of 5


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