Vampire Weekend: Contra. Album Review.

Vampire Weekend: Contra (2010) Feat. Cute cover broad

Ever hear someone talk about how rich they are, and then just want to punch them in the face via your parents not buying you your dream car when you turned 16? Feelin’ like this is the major issue most people have with Vamp Weekend. Seems like they are already loaded and probably didn’t need to sell infinity copies of their first album, in order to ‘get by’. Might be the only band out there to wear Sperry Top Siders in a non ironic manner. Maybe they wear too many layers to be considered ‘alt’. Feel like layers = privilege. Realistically though, Am. Apparel is just about as expensive as Lacoste, so Im not sure why the majority of hipster media took a giant pretentious dump on their debut. They had a fun sound that seemed crazy accessible to everyone. The type of music some tween might hear on an episode of ‘gossip gurl’ and actually look for on the internet l8r. This type of immediate crossover success might also have been an issue in the alt community. Seemed like MTV was playing “Oxford Comma” before p4k reviewed it.

Vampire weekend takin' time to stop and smell the "orchids". If they were authentic they would probably smell tulips. More of a working class flower.

Anyways, their new album came out recently. Feel like it was good timing on their part. Vampires are pretty big right now (True Blood, Twilight, Vampire Diaries etc). Not sure where Vamp Weekend fits in to that mix, but it can’t hurt.

Overall ‘Contra’ still feels very ‘upper middle class’. Except probably more refined than their debut. Not as brash or blunt. The debut was more Tom Cruise in “Risky Business” where as Contra was more Dustin Hoffman in “The Graduate”. Feel like the Vamp bros have grown up in a short period of time. Contra is a little more reliant on subtle synth beats than wacky guitar riffs. The one exception to this rule of course being “Cousins”.

Best song on the album is probably the very long “Diplomat’s Son”. Feel like this song makes me want to chill next to a pool in a gated community and sip on Mimosa’s while recovering from the particularly extravagant house party of the previous night.

I think that I really love Contra. Vampire Weekend stayed true to who they are while still maturing a little. Guess I feel like Vampire Weekend takes a little too much grief for being unabashedly white collar. Would it be better if they feigned poverty?

Is Lacoste the new “Urban Outfitters”?
When will Vampire Mania end?
Do you h8 richies?
WT Fuck is up with mimosas?

Vampire Weekend Contra 4 out of 5.


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