January’s Top Songs

Tryin’ to avoid that end of the year scatterbrained “Best of list” clusterfuck. Feel like that if I make a list of my fave songs from each month that I can make some more sense of things at the end of the year. Probably just an excuse for me to make more lists and make people listen to what I like. Anyways here is the January list…

10) Facelove by PS I Love You
PS I Love You – Face Love
Not sure I’m feelin’ the vocals but the guitar at about 1:10 has just the right amount of umph to carry the song.

9) Written in Reverse by Spoon
Spoon – Written in Reverse.
Feels like if Carol King’s “I Feel the Earth Move” rocked really hard.

8 ) Icarus by White Hinterland
White Hinterland – Icarus
Dream pop that is similar to, but better than the over hyped “Beach House” album. This sound/style appears to be the early trend of 2010.

7) Jail La La by the Dum Dum Girls
Dum Dum Girls – Jail La La
Kind of like a more accessible version of the Vivian Girls.

6) Madder Red by Yeasayer

Now I want some X..

5) Cranberry by The Ruby Suns
The Ruby Suns – Cranberry
Kind of like hipster jock jams.

4) Diplomat’s Son by Vampire Weekend
(Couldn’t find a link sorry)
Catchy poppy and probably going to annoy a lot of people.

3) Girls Night by First Rate People
First Rate People – Girls Night
Sounds like it could be on early to mid 90’s pop radio. I’m ok with it.

2) Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

It’s not often that you hear pop music that seems to be influenced by Ennio Morricone. 2010 = hippie revival?

1) Anchorage by Surfer Blood

Stick with this song. It pays off.


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One response to “January’s Top Songs

  1. Hi,
    You mentioned Spoon sounding like “if Carole King’s I Feel the Earth Move rocked really hard.”
    My new CD “Escapade Velocity” has a cover of that very tune and, well, it rocks a little hard. Can send you a CD if you like or you can find it online.
    Steve Greaves (aka The SG Sound)

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