The Soft Pack- A First Impression

The Soft Pack

Feel like I haven’t seen an album cover this perfect in a while. Don’t usually understand or appreciate what makes photography ‘good’. But something about the simplicity and cleanness of the cover art for ‘The Soft Pack’s’ debut peaked my interest.

Heard that these guys used to be called “The Muslims” but apparently that was deemed to racially insensitive/frightening for Middle American listeners.


I honestly only listened to this album one full time through now, but it already seemed bloggable. I typically like the ‘garage rock’ genre but it can grow tiresome/noisy. Feel like “The Soft Pack” brings something new to the table. Something more refined. Could be what garage rockers listen to if they go on to grad school or something. The lead singer seems kind of disinterested/bored as fuuck while singing. Somehow this works. Anyway here are a few tracks that are worth a listen.

Down on Lovin’ (Acoustic) ^^^^

Pull Out^^^

The Soft Pack – Mexico

Has album art ever changed your opinion of a cd?
How old is too old to be garage rocking?
Is photography really art or just a sham?


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