Track Review: The Morning Benders – Excuses

The Moning Benders

This song “Excuses” seemed like it was getting tons of internet/blog related hype. Figured I had to give my opinion in order to get a few cheap blog hits. Here is the original version of the song on the album…..

Probably in love with this track. Makes me want to direct a movie where I can start playing this song when the guy finally kisses the girl. (Kiss would happen at approximately 41 seconds in). Kind of reminds me of a jangly, waltzy, Vampire Weekend song. Could possibly be the early front runner for song of the year. As good as the studio version is, the version that created all the hype was this more orchestral recording below.

The lead singer says the song reminds him of Phil Spektor. Not gonna lie, don’t know who this is. Sounds like he was some old timey bro who made epic pop ballads back when my grandparents were growing up. The video of the performance is really charming makes me feel like going to a sock hop or eating at a lunch counter at a ‘Woolworth’s’ (minus the segregation). The lead singer really looks like one of those 1940’s crooners, surrounded cute well to do alt(ish) girls swaying back and forth, while singing into that retro stand up mic. Wishn’ I had a million musically inclined fashionable friends that I could pack into a studio and jam out with. Wishin’ I lived in San Fran. Wishin’ I knew who the fuck Phil Spektor was.

The lyrics to this song are interesting. Seem pretty provocative for this type of ballad. Can’t imagine my grandma would approve.


Seems like this song is definitely about sex. Singing the opening verse aloud might get you kicked out of Woolworth’s faster than being black would. Overall this is a great song, but I think I have fallen into the trap of only blogging about stuff I really like. Probably need a seething review about something everyone else loved in order to stay relevant: “Slumdog Millionaire SUUUUCKED!”.

Who is Phil Spektor?
Am I uncultured/an asshole for not knowing who he is?
Have you ever had 1947 style jam session with your bros?
Do I like everything?
Did Woolworth’s go out of business once the novelty of racism wore off?

The Morning Benders – Excuses: 5 out of 5.


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