Joanna Newsom – Taste Makers, Medieval Times, pretention

Have One On Me - 2010

The other day Pitchfork gave this harp playing broad a 9.2. Seemed pretty extreme. Apparently this album is slightly better than “The Beatles: Let It Be”. That piece of shit only earned a 9.1. Glad I can put these things in perspective now. Thanks Pitchfork.

Almost as good as Joanna. Better luck next time bros.

Heard that Newsom’s album is 3 disks long. Probably a bit excessive. Not gonna lie, I’m not even gonna try to listen to the whole thing, via low virtual memory on my computer. Plus there is a good chance that 3 disks of harp music could suuuuck. A three disc non-compilation album could be about as pretentious as it gets. Havin’ a hard time believing that the whole thing was really a 9.2 rating. Seems like that type of rating would be pretty hard to keep up through like 5 hours of music. Pretty sure at least one of the discs was only like an 8.1. I think that “Have one on me” is the musical equivalent to that movie “The English Patient”. Both were equally hyped by the taste makers of the world and I don’t think that anyone actually ever legitimately made it all the way through either one. I’m pretty sure the cinema version of pitchfork rated it a point or two higher than “Citizen Kane”.

This was last music purchase I made that was more than one disc.

Blew "Power Ballads 1" out of the water

^^^^ This is the only song I listened to on “Have one on me”. Made me kind of sleepy. Can’t believe this is legit cutting edge music in 2010. Heard a lot of critics say that it makes them feel like they are in the middle ages or something. Can’t disagree. Is that what people really want to hear? Am I really out of the loop? Can’t believe this girl actually plays the harp throughout this thing. The harp always just seemed like an instrument that people use for novelty purposes. Never thought it could be the work horse of an album. Will other old timey instruments be big next year? Maybe I would get this music more if I was a Knight, or pompous.

Antiquated instrument of the year 2010

Heard this Lady is dropping a mean Dulcimer LP in 2012

Maybe with all the stress of modern life (stock market, worrying about caring enough about Haiti, the war(s), Kanye etc) people just want to escape to a simpler time when is all they had to worry about was the black plague. Probably just want to sit around eat a turkey leg and watch a someone play a lute for an outrageously long period of time.

Is Joanna Newsom really (that) good?
Who are these “Beatles” bros and how come they scored nearly as high as Merriweather Post Pavilion?
How many disks is too many?
Do taste makers really control our opinions?
Do I really just like the phrase “taste maker”?
Is lo-fi medieval-wave here to stay?

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