Dream Job – baseball, raised expectations and middle america

Recently landed my dream job. Gonna be getting paid to choose the music played between innings at spring training baseball games. I feel like this combines two of my favorite things: sports and forcing people to listen to my taste in music. Can’t even believe that there is actually a paid position for this. Seems ridiculous. Starting to realize that I will never have another job even half as awesome as this. Kind of a depressing realization. How will I react when I have to go back to a crappy customer service job or something?

Where I will be working

Kind of concerned though about the audience for my DJing. The spring training games are for the St. Louis Cardinals. The fan base at these games seems very 50+ in age. Thinkin’ that my taste in music may be very different from most Middle American baseball enthusiasts. Because they are in Florida they are probably gonna want to hear lots of Jimmy Buffett to complete the ‘vacation experience’. Really gonna try and avoid playing “Margaritaville” regardless of the pressure.

Do you think 'Veckatimest' made his top 10 of 09 list?

I can deal with playing a lot of classic rock. Feel like that’s all I listened to for a good portion of my life. Thinkin’ that if you don’t actively seek out good music today, you probably get the impression that the only good music ever made was in the 60’s and 70’s.

Im guessing I will need 17 songs ready for each game considering one for each half inning switch, minus the 7th inning stretch because we will probably play ‘Take me out to the ball game’. Started to generate a list of songs that I plan on using.

What I will probably use:
1) John Mellencamp : Jack and Diane (Pretty much as American as …well… baseball)
2) Vampire Weekend: A – Punk (Realistically, very accessible, but still probably not gonna be a crowd pleaser)
3)Sugar Ray: Every Morning (Everyone loves some 90’s nostalgia)
4)Tom Petty: American Girl (Feel like this one was obvious)
5)MGMT: Kids (Great song and cheery enough to not bug any old peeps)
6) Third Eye Blind:Semi Charmed Life (Pop Rock anthem)
7) CCR: Bad Moon a Rising (CCR has mass appeal)
8)Phoenix:1901 (It’s in a car commercial so therefore acceptable)
9)Fastball:The Way (Notice the pattern of classic rock, alt(ish), 90’s. I feel like this is a recipe for success)
10)Paul Simon: Me and Julio Down by the School Yard
11) Portugal. The Man: People Say
12) Everclear: I will buy you a new life
13) Doobie Brothers: Listen to the Music
14) Miike Snow: Black and Blue
15) OMC: How Bizarre
16) Jimi Hendrix: Voodoo child
17) Metric : Stadium Love

What I would Really Like to Play:

1)YACHT: Psychic City
2)Surfer Blood: Fast Jabroni
3)Best Coast: When I’m With You
4)Peter Bjorn and John: Amsterdam
5)Yeasayer: Ambling Alp
6)MillionYoung: Hammock
7)New Theory: Washed Out
8)Beach Fossils: Desert Sand
9)Strange Boys: Be Brave
10)The Ruby Suns: Cranberry
11)Dum Dum Girls: Jail La La
12) Spoon: Written in Reverse
13)The Sandwitches: Back To The Sea
14)Regina Spektor: That Time
15) The Soft Pack: C’mon
16) Passion Pit: Sleepyhead
17)Mayer Hawthorne: Your easy lovin’

Which song list should I go with?
Do you have any song suggestions?
Can you think of a better job than this?
Does ‘middle America’ read Gorilla VS Bear?
Will I get fired?


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