Die Antwoord – South Africa, white trash vs alt, Hype

Heard this Ninja rap by these South African characters about a month ago. Meant to blog about it then but couldn’t really figure out what I wanted to say. Still not sure I know, but not sure how much longer these guys will be relevant, so figured I had to give it a go.

Die Antwoord - Wonder how Pink Floyd and refracted light feel about being featured as a crucial part of this internet meme experience?

The name of this band “Die Antwoord” apparently means “The Answer” in Afrikaans. Wonder if these guys are going to make Afrikaans the new ‘it’ language. Been having a hard time figuring out how serious these guys are. At first I thought it was kind of like a S. African Ali G. But now they seem like they might be a bit more serious than that. Kind of seems like a trap set for hipsters, who will automatically like anything new or different. Feel like they probably started out joking, then once they got famous they just ran with it. Here are a couple of their vids.

Thinkn’ ‘Enter the Ninja’ is one of the more hypnotizing/creepy videos of the year. Didn’t know it was still ok to feature ‘freaks’ for shock value. Having a hard time trying to figure out if I am supposed to think that the girl in the band is hot. I bet her bangs are huge in Williamsburg right now.

Bangs of the Year

Probably the best year ever for this song to come out. Can’t think of a time when South Africa has been more relevant: District 9, the World Cup, Invictus etc.

I hope Zef Side is on the soundtrack.

Overall, I like that ninja tune. Even though ninjas are very 2007. Just wish I knew how serious these guys are and how long they will stay relevant.

Is Die Antwoord actually serious?
Can you think of a more trendy alt female haircut?
Is Cape Town the new Brooklyn?
If you were deformed would you sell out to be involved in a viral video?


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One response to “Die Antwoord – South Africa, white trash vs alt, Hype

  1. horny dude

    man she looks well peng bruv !
    cant u make a video where u are fully naked …

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