Song of the Day: MGMT – Flash Delirium

“Flash Delirium” by MGMT

MGMT looking very feminine/neo-psychedelic

Flash Delirium

I took a couple days off of song of the day because I’ve had shiit to do. Im sure all 12 or so of you readers were pissed.

Anyways here is the new one by MGMT. Everyone in the world is waiting for their new album “Congratualtions”. If “Delirium” is anything like the rest of the album then I’m not so sure it will be the cross over success that “Oracular Spectacular” was. I enjoyed the song but seemed like it was too over the top and had too much stuff going on to get big at a mainstream level. Probably won’t be used in movie previews anytime soon. Seems like the type of song that probably goes well with shrooms.


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