10 Hottest Indie Chix

Recently seemed to have developed this enormous crush on Regina Spektor. Feel like it started with a combination of the music video for the song “Dance Anthem of the 80’s” and seeing her live performance of the song “That Time”.

Regina - This album cover makes it seem like Regina is both down to earth and down to party.

^^^ Just the right amount of quirkiness

^^^ These lyrics/guitar playing seem to give Regina street cred

I feel like a lot of bros out there just want a quirky/talented indie chick to call their own. Someone who likes the same music that they do and who probably watches “Arrested Development”. Not sure what it is that makes these girls ‘attractive’. Not sure that I really have a ‘type’. Probably need to start frequenting used book stores or alternative locally owned coffee shops if I want to meet a girl like this.

Wonderin’ if I a m really ‘that’ attracted to all these indie gurlz or if I just associate a lot of them with music I really like. Hard to say. Anyways here are my top ten ‘indie chix’.

10) Lily Allen

Seems like she could be kind of bitchy. Prob why she is only @ 10.

9)Alexandra Lawn

She is the cellist from Ra Ra Riot. Feel like there could only be 5 attractive cellists world wide. Only two attractive tuba(ists).

8 ) Cat Power

Probably a shoe in on most lists.

7) Thao Nguyen

Surprised there weren’t more quirky azns.

6)The Dirty Projectors Girls

Being in a group together maximizes their kewtness.

5) Katrina Kerns

One of Sufjans back up singers. She kind of has a less trashy Angelina Jolee thing going on.

4) Nora Kirkpatrick

She’s the accordion player for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Go figure.

3) Zooey Deschanel

Seems kind of like the crowned princess of indie right now. Also, Elf was great.

2)Greta Salpeter

Originally from ‘The Hush Sound’. Now shes gone solo under the name ‘Gold Motel’. Definitely a heart throb.

1)Regina Spektor

For me Regina is the perfect combo of looks, talent and quirkyness. Some of her songs also make her seem like she has a pretty good sense of humor. Overall not sure whats not to like. Heard some people saying that they thought she was ugly. How is that possible? Anyways, Regina FTW.

Who is the hottest indie chick in your opinion?
Regina is hot, right?
Where do you think the best place to meet indie girls is?
Will there be a hot tuba player from brooklyn on the next Beirut album?



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2 responses to “10 Hottest Indie Chix

  1. dan

    Big props for Alexandra Lawn but no love for one-time indie It Girl Karen O? Or personal fave Grace Potter?

    We’ll discuss this further on Thursday (he says so as to leave some idea of who he is)

  2. ydfau61

    I love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs but have never really been attracted to Karen O. Grace was one I missed. She could have easily made the list.

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