Album Review: She and Him – Volume Two (Zooey, fringe hipsters, and alt-country)

She and Him: Volume 2 (2010)

Zooey Deschanel seems to have become the queen of ‘fringe hipster’ culture over the past couple of years. With her suddenly booming music career, a starring role in the ultra trendy “500 Days of Summer” and even guest appearances on ‘hipster-friendly’ shows like Bravo’s “Top Chef” (I feel like most hipsters are probably also wannabe foodies), Zooey is basically the female face of all things indie. I feel like even middle aged middle Americans can kind of appreciate her ‘quirky’ sense of style, judging by her appearance in that cotton commercial. Why does cotton need to advertise? Wonder if the polyester industry has enough funds to hire Jason Schwartzman or Michael Cera in an equally alternative advertising campaign? Probably doesn’t have enough street cred as a fabric. Probably could only hire someone crazy tacky like Ke$ha. Sucks to live in a world where one fabric has a monopoly on indie cred.

"500 Days of Summer": The "Garden State" of 2009?

Bravo: The Atlernative in Reality TV

Seemed like her alt-country debut “She and Him” scored major points with both mainstream and ‘alt’ crowds last year. She seems to have one of those ‘classic’ voices that people can appreciate across musical genres and generations. The ‘him’ portion of “She and Him” could be pretty insignificant not sure that guitar guy has any real fan base. Probably pretty luckily to be in the band. If he didn’t know Zooey, my guess is that he’d just be chillin’ at coffee house open mics playing Third Eye Blind covers and wasting peoples time with his original stuff no one cares about. Seems like a cute indie powerhouse is the key to success if you are a struggling guitar bro.

I liked She and Him’s self titled 2009 debut quite a bit but this year’s “Volume Two” surpassed it big time in my opinion. The single “In the Sun” is a sunny, twangy cute-fest, as to be expected and not that unlike last years “Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?”

Although I do actually prefer “Why Do You?” to “In the Sun” that is where the comparisons end for me. As a whole “Volume Two” just seemed like a more satisfying album from start to finish. The whole thing continually harps on the same sugar coated retro/alt-country/pop notes as both singles but somehow doesn’t get old for me. Bouncy beats and playful back up vocals really make songs like “Over it Over Again” and “Gonna Get Along Without You Now” hard to not enjoy.

Don’t think that anything from the album will be making my ‘Bros night out’ playlist anytime soon but that is not gonna stop me from saying that I liked a whole lot about this album and highly recommend it to everyone.

How long do you think Zooey will remain the indie ‘it’ girl?
What is your favorite alternative reality show?
Was “500 Days of Summer” actually good?
Is polyester going to be the next big ironic fashion trend?

She and Him: Volume Two – 4 out of 5 stars.


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