“March Madness” – The end of an era.

March Madness 09. My last time caring?

Every year at about this time sports bros and casual fans alike seem to start going nuts over this college basketball tournament called “March Madness”. Seems like the only time people care about college basketball, via most of the real talent leaving for the NBA in a year or so. I feel like people will watch almost anything in tournament format. Most people really just seem to enjoy filling out a ‘bracket’.

A lot of people like the tournament because it gives underdogs the chance to win on a ‘big stage’. We like that kind of “pick yourself up by your bootstraps” mentality that the teams from small schools have. As Americans I think we are always looking for that heart warming ‘movie-like’ story in real life sports.

Brackets seem intrinsically American.

Feel like sports nerds like this guy ^^^ get major ‘boners’ when they talk about/justify their brackets. Check out this guys bed sheets and ‘sports ball’ related artwork in the background. Hard to believe that bros like this really exist.

This is the first time in my life since I was like 7, that I haven’t filled out a bracket myself. Not sure how I feel about it. I used to love the tournament and ‘bracketology’ as much as the next guy. It’s kind of weird not caring about March Madness while bros across the country are going nuts. Could be at a turning point in my life. Is being a music nerd any more meaningful than a sports nerd?

Kind of miss the days when I used to ‘really care’ about sports and the only moderately relevant bands I listened to were “The Red Hot Chili Peppers” and “Ben Folds Five”. Realizing that March Madness isn’t that amazing is kind of like when I figured out that Santa Clause wasn’t real or that Blink 182 actually sucked. Sure, on one level I am probably a better more interesting person for coming to these realizations but there is something really innocent and endearing about the era in my life before I knew better. Kind of just want to forget about ‘indie music’, ‘American Apparel’ and blogs and just go back to a simpler time when all I cared about was ‘Sports Center’, summer vacation, and ‘Austin Powers’.

Some people never seem to have let go of 'Blink Culture'. Are they more authentic for it?

Remember that movie “The Matrix”? There was one scene in there where one of the guys decided that he had had enough of the ‘real world’ and just wanted to go back into the Matrix, so long as he was programmed an enjoyable life. Understandin’ where he’s coming from. Might just want to give up my itunes collection for a chance at scoring some ‘Sum 41’ tickets, so long as I was guaranteed to have a ‘killer time’.

Been spending the last couple of days just chllin’/contemplatin’ where I am in life. Feel like I have been listening to “Up Against the Wall” by Peter Bjorn and John excessively during these introspective moments. Seems fitting enough since that is one of the songs/albums that has most notably influenced my ‘taste’.

Wonder what my life would be like if I didn't discover PB and J?

Up Against the Wall MP3

Have you ever filled out a bracket?
Should I make the music hoarder into a video blog from a ‘sports themed’ bedroom?
Ever secretly jam out to late 90’s rock while no one is around?
Do you feel guilty/dirty afterwords?
Is there one album that ‘molded’ your current persona?
Which one was it?
Are you better for leaving bands like blink 182 behind?
Why did so many bands from that era end in numbers (Blink 182, Sum 41, SR 71, Eve 6 etc.)?


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