Album Review: The Slow Club – Yeah So

The Slow Club: Yeah So

When I first saw this album cover I kind of figured this one would suck big time. Seemed like both group members could be in ‘American Eagle’ ads or something. Figured it would be generic mass produced sounding folk pop for tweens. After listening to the album though, I’m feelin’ kind of bad for judging them that hard based on ‘lame’ cover-art.

Overall “Yeah So” is definitely the borderline too sweet, baby doll type folk that often sucks. However, I feel like there is something uniquely endearing about this Brit-duo. Maybe it’s the fact that there are enough fast, rockish numbers to keep my interest and catch me off guard. Maybe it is just amusing to hear two young Brits trying to sound rockabilly on tracks like “Giving up on Love”. The slight hint of a manufactured ‘twang’ and the youthful energy really adds something for me.

Giving up on love

The song “When I go” seems like it is destined for some teen-romance related mix tape. Seems like it could have been on the “Juno” sound track via being quirky/kewt/awkward. I feel like a lot of folk pop these days seems to have that Michael Cera element to it.

When I Go MP3

Overall the album is very good if you are ok with mildly sappy lyrics and a very narrow subject matter.

I do however feel like this music video sucks hard.

Is ‘Michael Cera-fi’ the only new trend in folk-pop?
How kewt is too kewt?
Have you ever made a mix tape in an attempt to woo someone?
Did it work?
Would you use “The Slow Club” on a mix tape?
Is the term “rockabilly” making a come back?

The Slow Club: Yeah So – 4 out of 5.


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