Song of the Day: Fences – Sadie

“Sadie” by Fences

Fences - I extrapolate these bros to create an image of the entire Seattle population.

Sadie MP3

“Sadie” is a song from Seattle based band “The Fences”. Seems like a lot of people in Seattle never seem to have let go of the whole ‘grunge’ aesthetic. This song does kind of feel like it could be on a “Buzz Ballads” compilation and no one would question it. It’s still a really solid song in my opinion. Been listening to it for couple months now.



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2 responses to “Song of the Day: Fences – Sadie

  1. troy

    Hard to say what’s worse …people hanging on to something or people jumping into the past to bring it back.

  2. ydfau61

    Ya. Not really sure there is anything wrong with either though. As long as it is done well.

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