Album Review – Freeway and Jake One: The Stimulus Package

Stimulus Package (2010)

Finished listening to this album by ‘Freeway and Jake one’ a couple days ago. Feelin’ like this is a very solid hip-hop album, which shouldn’t be surprising considering they are signed to “rhymesayers”. Seems like most ‘relevant’ indie hip-hoppers are on rhymesayers these days. Wonder why you never hear acts like ‘Atmosphere’, ‘Freeway’ and ‘MURS’ playing at clubs. Are their beats that much shittier? Do people only like to dance to ‘ignant’ lyrics?

The whole album seems to have that mid 90’s hip-hop feel. A sound from the ‘pre-lil Wayne era’, when people just rapped about throwin’ hands up in the air and ‘big pimpin’ and cared less about ‘syrup’, autotune or stanky limbs. Much like 90’s rap “Stimulus Package” focuses heavily on clever but light hearted lyrics and summery, up tempo beats. I wonder why this type of hip hop died out? Might really just want to watch an ‘old skool’ rap video that uses a fish eye lens at some point today.

Fish eye central ^^^

The strongest track on “The Stimulus Package” (great album name btw) is definitely “Microphone Killa”. Already featured it as a ‘song of the day’ last month. Not really sure what to say about it other than it is just a great up beat rap song that makes you involuntarily bounce in your seat.
Microphone Killa

Other solid tracks include the self promoting “one foot in”

and “One Thing” which features a great cameo by Raekwon.

One Thing

Dusk is a good time to look gangsta

The album isn’t perfect. Wasn’t feelin’ all the tracks. For example “the product” is a fairly sappy anti-drug anthem in which Freeway raps as if he is a drug. Seems like it may be adopted by DARE program in the near future.

Despite a few moments of cheeziness though I would have to say that I strongly recommend “The Stimulus Package”. As of now “rhymesayers” still can do no wrong.

Was 90’s rap more authentic/fun then current rap?
After 1999 was there a massive surplus of unused fish eye lenses?
Should a rapper ever rap from the point of view of an inanimate object?
Who is your favorite rhymesayers artist?

“The Stimulus Package” 3.5 out of 5.


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