Korea Vs Japan: The most authentic Azn experience?

There’s less than a month left of my undergraduate career. Can’t see myself going to grad school right now. Feelin’ sick of school. Like my grades might plummet if I continued with my education immediately. Might be ‘burnt out’. Been trying to think of cool alternative things to do with my post undergraduate life. Looking for the type of experience that makes all my grad school friends sort of jealous that I don’t have a real ‘plan’. 4-5 year plans seem shitty. They didn’t really work for the Soviet Union.

Feelin' like after graduation my dad and I can just start bein' bros.

Kind of want to be out of my comfort zone. Just want to help some people out and feel like a legitimately good person. Considered the peace corps but doubt I would be put somewhere with fast enough internet access to run bit torrent. Might not actually enjoy being ‘poor’. What if I got stuck doing manual labor?

Might not want to eat whatever this is. Sorry Peacecorps/America/developing nations.

Been thinkin’ bout “The Real World”. Seems like a great opportunity to meet a diverse group of ‘party people’ including a gay and a black friend. Really feel like im done being polite and just want to start being ‘Real’. Would probably rock to live in such an amazing house in a hip neighborhood with lots of other young people. Could probably have lots of opportunities to make out with girls that are ‘out of my league’ in the confessional room or something, via them wanting to be on TV. Might be ok with that. Not sure which niche I would fill on the show though. Probably, not the safest post undergrad option. Especially, cuz I’m not tall and ripped. Not sure America would be stoked to see me in a Jacuzzi.

Real World - Authentic social networking experience/life choice?

Really considering teaching English in Asia. Seems like Azn culture is so different from ours that I could really come back with a unique perspective on life. Always been intrigued by major Azn cities. Always seemed sort of overwhelming, in a really good way.

Maybe I have just seen that movie “Lost in Translation” too many times. Maybe I am just hoping to meet Scarlett Johansson. Feel like it would be really cool to speak an azn language. Would probably seem super cultured.

Everyone in Tokyo seems super fashionable.

Hardest part is deciding where it is I want to go. Been torn between Korea and Japan. Japan seems like the epicenter of all things Azya. But I’m not really sure I want to deal with all the other Americans who go over there. Feel like a lot of people just go to Japan via love for anime. Most are probably shocked/disappointed at finding out that Japan is actually just a regular country where people work really hard and have regular jobs. Not sure I get or like anime culture enough to deal with these people.

Just wan;t to vist somewhere where people actually have/appreciate neon orange hair. Sucks that I was still an outcast in Japan. Back to the conventions at local Holiday Inns.

Feel like Korea might be the most authentic option. The program I am looking at pays ‘good money’. Plus they pay for your housing. Seems like I could be ‘balling’ in Korea. Really just want to go out a lot and meet cool people. Feel like being in a small school for the last few years means that I haven’t gotten all of my partying out of my system.

Seoul = Tokyo - anime + bbq?

Either way I’m really leaning towards Korea what do you think?

Why isn’t grad school appealing to me right now?
Am I not a good person if I have second thoughts about living in poverty via peace corps?
Could I make a career out of a Real World appearance?
Is S. Korea or Japan more authentic?
What is worse K-pop or anime?
Is there anything worse than people who wish anime was real?


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