Album Review: – Dr. Dog – Shame Shame

“Shame Shame” by Dr. Dog

Shame Shame - 2010

I had never really fully taken to “Dr. Dog”. Always seemed like a band that was acceptable. Always had a couple of very good songs on each of their albums. Seemed like they were a band that made ‘respectable’ music. The type of stuff that wouldn’t rub many people the wrong way. But never the type of band I would be really ‘excited’ about.

All this was before I heard “Shame Shame”. Everything about this album was warm and comforting. Feel like they channeled a very familiar classic rock type vibe that just comes off as seeming a lot more welcoming than a lot of music out there today. Some of the tracks are vocally similar to the Beatles and others to Neil Young. More than any specific sound though, ‘Shame Shame’ just really captures an essence or feeling that most music doesn’t have these days. Seems really ‘soulful’. Like these songs really mean something to the band.

No single song is more heartfelt than “I only wear blue” which starts with a couple of lonely organ keys and a few guitar strums backing up some ‘hopeless’ sounding lyrics. But at about the 45 second mark the beat kicks in and you sense some tension lift as the lead singer says “Let’s get on with it” as if he has had some epiphany that everything is gonna be alright. Really seems like a great song for anyone that is feelin’ down.

A second standout for me was “where’d all the time go”. This one starts with an unexpected spacey type noise which is shortly overtaken by more familiar strumming and vocal harmonies that are rough enough to give them character without becoming annoying. The song even closes with a surprisingly kick ass guitar solo which is a nice little bonus.

In short, I would highly recommend this one to almost anyone. As a whole the album is kind of like comfort food, in the sense that it is familiar, it invokes memories, and always hits the spot when things might not be going your way. “Shame shame” might not be the most trendy sound out there right now but if you have ever enjoyed classic rock then chances are you will find something to like here.

Shame Shame 4.5 out of 5


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