Song of the Day: Murs and 9th Wonder – Asian Girl

“Asian Girl” by Murs and 9th Wonder

Murs - Silly Hair

Asian Girl

Feel like this is the most hilarious song that I have heard in a while. The second verse is especially ridiculous:

“a to the s to the i a n. My little asian girl is like my new best friend.
She Korean so she just like me. She love the bbq and loves kimchi”

“them other asian girls be skinny and flat. I got a chick from Vietnam with that feminine fat. Like a thick white chick but her nipples aint pink. Eyes slightly slanted just like the Sphinx!”

“my chick from Vietnam be servin’ me pho. What’s that? Step your noodle game up!”

Those are just a few of the gems in this song. Asian Girl could be a hipster anthem of sort. Seems like everyone wants a quirky asian GF.



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2 responses to “Song of the Day: Murs and 9th Wonder – Asian Girl

  1. borntobelieve

    lol… this reminds me of another song… “Chinese Gyal Friend” by Bunji Garlin, it’s funny, not as rude as that though. Also has a silly intro with the girls parents, on the cd.

    • ydfau61

      Hahaha got to love Asian women themed music. The whole time I was listening to “Asian Girl” I was trying to figure out if it was racist.

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