Album Review: The Tallest Man on Earth – Wild Hunt

The Wild Hunt (2010)

In order to fully appreciate “The Tallest Man On Earth” (aka Kristian Matsson) you need to start by getting past the obvious Dylan comparison. Both are raspy voiced folk singers, both can pick the shit out of a guitar and both have a knack for crafting a pretty good folk rock song every now and then.The main difference seems to be that “The Tallest Man On Earth”‘s focus is more on conveying an emotion through creating a general feeling, while Dylan was more of a lyricist.

I feel like it’s “ok” to like both, so long as you acknowledge that Dylan is on a different level (in order to not piss off classic rock die-hards). I’m alright with this. I feel like Dylan needs to be respected more for really defining the genre. Also, his songs seemed to be more relevant and meaningful. While Matsson just typically focuses on nature in his native Sweeden.

When listening to Matsson it’s kind of hard to believe that he isn’t from the US. Seems like he has really captured the essence of American Folk music without a hint of americana. I guess the one thing I’ve always wanted more of from Matsson is some sort of message. Something I can relate to. Not sure his lyrics ever really give that.

There is a crow moon comin in well you keep looking out
It is the hollow month of march now sweeping in
Lets watch phenomenon’s that rise out of the darkness now
Within the light she is my storming heroin

The above lyrics from “The Wild Hunt” certainly aren’t anywhere near being on par with the likes of “Blowing in the Wind” but somehow they seem a lot more profound when part of the whole that is Matsson’s music. Feelin’ like his level of guitar mastery can cover up or at least divert attention away from his less than spectacular writing.

“The Wild Hunt” is the title track and a solid intro to Mattson

Kids on the Run Mp3
“Kids on the Run” is the last track on the album and is a surprising, slow, emotional piano ballad.

Overall, I don’t think that this album was quite as magical as Matsson’s debut. That might just be because there were expectations and hype for this one. Hype can be a hard thing to overcome. Having said all this, “The Wild Hunt” is certainly the best folk album thus far this year and is still HIGHLY recommended by me.

The Tallest Man on Earth – The Wild Hunt 4.5 out of 5 stars

Do excessive Dylan comparisons make you nauseous?
Do people complaining about excessive Dylan comparisons make you nauseous?
Will any one actually be crowned “the new Dylan”?
Can classic American music come from Scandinavia?
How tall is Kristian Matsson?


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