Hooded Cloaks – 2010 Alt-fashion/music video trend?

2010 - Cloakin'

Seems like “hooded cloaks” are pretty big right now. Hard to miss them if you have watched an alt(ish) music video in the past year or so. Been trying to figure out why “hood-cloaks” are so “in”. Don’t think they have been this popular since like the 1300’s.

Trend Setter

Darth Maul - Authentic cloak wearer?

It’s possible that cloaks might just be an ironic jab at the Star Wars prequels or M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Village”. Thinkn’ that enough time has passed to make those movies “cult classics”. Episode 2 might be the next “Harold and Maude”.

Really thinkn’ that I need a cloak. My Am-Apparel hoodies probably make me seem super entry lvl….Sucks.

Probably should buy a cloak and take down my S. Africa flag now that the "Die Antwoord" craze is over.

Not positive, but pretty sure that the start of the current cloak era was this landmark MGMT performance on Letterman.

Sure the performance kind of (really) sucked. But it wasn’t the cloaks’ fault. They fuckin’ rocked. If it wasn’t for those cloaks you would just think these guys might be touring with “Everclear” or “Fastball”. But the cloaks let you know that this performance was “artsy” and “not for everyone”. Cloaks are probably the most exclusive form of head/back-wear.

Since the Letterman performance the market has been relatively flooded with indie cloaksters.

Yeasayer – Ambling Alp

You Say Party! We Say Die!

Beach House – Norway

Seems like cloaks might be highly correlated with medieval(ish) traveling through “harsh” terrain. Also, weird animals.

The Dirty Projectors

Le Loup – Forgive Me

Sunset Rubdown – Dragon’s Lair

Pretty overwhelmed by all this cloakage. I should probably get mine soon. Before too long the Jonas Bros will be wearing them. After all, cloaks do seem like the natural next step after an afghan-like neck thing.

Just want to be cool in 2010. Just want to look like a picnic and little red riding hood at the same time.

Should I get a cloak?
Do you know of any cloak retailers?
Who was the first “authentic” cloak wearer of the last 5 years?
Do you know of any other music videos with cloaks?
Do you know of any music videos without cloaks?
How long till cloaks are at Urban Outfitters?
How long till cloaks are at Old Navy?
How bad was MGMT on Letterman back in the day?
Will “Cloak-core” replace “chill wave”?


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