Album Review: Free Energy – Stuck on Nothing

Stuck on Nothing by Free Energy

Stuck on Nothing (2010) - Most fitting album cover of the year?

Been diggin’ this album called “Stuck on Nothing” by Free Energy. Free Energy is a band that really seems to be comfortable in their niche and rightfully so. Can’t remember the last time that I have heard an album that so uniformly had one specific vibe. Feel like every song on “Stuck on Nothing” makes me think of the final scene in the movie “Dazed and Confused”, where the freshman just got done ‘hooking up’ with an upperclassman girl and finally gets home super early in the morning, slaps on his headphones, and lays in bed just reminiscing about the night’s events, too giddy to fall asleep.

Dazed and Confused - Couldnt find a screen shot of the last scene.

If your whole album is gonna evoke one specific movie scene, then you can probably do a lot worse. It’s a scene and album that really captures the essence youth. Not just living in the moment but actually stopping to take the time to appreciate it. Feel like everyone has had one of those euphorically good nights that you just want to relive until you eventually get tired.

Not too many bands out their in the whole late 70’s rock revival scene. The lack of competition probably scores “Free Energy” a few points for uniqueness. As mentioned earlier, although the album captures a really good feeling, it is really one dimensional. You know what you are getting throughout: a whole bunch of slow rolling, optimistic, cruising with friends with the windows rolled down type of jams. If you aren’t feeling one track, you probably won’t be feeling the rest of the album. What the album lacks in variety though it makes up for with its infectious juvenile enthusiasm and charm.

Some favorites from the album include…

Stuck on Nothing – 4.5 out of 5


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