Album Review: Minus the Bear – Omni

Omni by Minus the Bear

Omni - 2010

I feel like a lot of people I know that have pretty “respectable” taste in music really seem to eat up this band called “Minus the Bear”. Just got done listening to their latest cd called “Omni”. Not really sure how to feel about it. On one hand it definitely seems like these guys are talented. Feels like the type of music that took a lot of time and effort to make. Thinkin’ that this is a fairly mature sound but don’t think that I “dig it” as much as a lot of others do.

Tend to like my rock n’ roll a little more rough around the edges and not as precise. Not sure if rock n’ roll is really something that should sound “mature”. Feel like is all I really want in a rock song is 2 and a half energetic minutes, a hook and lyrics about youth, booze and parties. Might be problematic to over-think rock music.

Not a huge fan of the intro to the above song that starts at like 30 seconds in. Feels like it could have been ripped from the weather channel soundtrack or a generic “smooth jazz” track that your bank plays on loop over the phone when you get put on hold. Other than that “My time” is definitely my favorite song on the album. It’s fun and features the best hook on “Omni”.

If “Omni” had more simple tracks like “My Time” I probably wouldn’t be torn about how I feel about it. Overall the album definitely has its moments:”You’ve got a rich Dad who hates every boy like me” is a pretty kick ass opening line in the song “My thief”. But too often the lyrics in Omni come off as “long winded” and the sound comes off as too refined for its own good. My guess is that if you have always been a “Minus the Bear” fan then there is a good chance that “Omni” will be one of your favorite albums of the year, but if you like you are more of a garage rock aficionado then this album might not do it for you.

Minus the Bear: Omni – 3 out of 5 stars.

Are you ever disappointed when you don’t love an album as much as your friends do?
When does rock become too refined?
Why is their such a high correlation between Doppler radar and shitty music?
What are your criteria for the perfect rock song?


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