A few years ago this bro named Greg Gillis got super popular for mixing popular songs up on his lap top under the name ‘Girl Talk’. At first it seemed like people weren’t really sure what to think of Girl Talk. Probably worried that Girl Talk signified the end of ‘real’ new music. Probably felt guilty for enjoying these songs. Probably not sure what or who ‘Girl Talk’ was. Feel like like the mystery/controversy created by Gillis helped make him ‘cool’. Now he goes around filling up large venues with hot, probably under aged, girls who want to grind all up on him. A pretty unexpected career turn for some nerd with a mac.

Evolution of Gillis

Early Gillis: Pre authenticity. Great Clips hair cut, mall sweater, too happy, diet soft drink, lame blue shirt friend

Gillis Stage 2: Quirky formal attire, confetti, spring water, yellow shorts broad air humping in his direction

Stage 3 Gillis: Experimenting with high end hair cut, designer tee, and hoop skillz

Final Stage Gillis: Above the 'scene', caveman(ish), savant(ish), sweaty broads gallore.

Gillis’ mashups seem complicated. Like something not everyone could make. Probably need a super good computer, a huge itunes collection, a sense of humor and some taste level.

Since Gillis’ success it seems like everyone that has heard of ‘Passion Pit’ and has ‘audacity’ installed on their computer has tried their hand at a mashup and posted it on youtube. There are probably some good mash ups out their but I feel like you have to filter through 20 bad ones for every good one.

Horrible Mashups

Guess I’m just trying to figure out what makes a good mashup. It might have something to do with irony. Like seeing two artists you would never expect to hear together.

Wonder what Biggie would think of Miley? He partied. He was from the USA. Party in the USA could be the single most accessible song of my generation. Not sure how I feel about that.

Wonder what Michael would think of Drake? Kind of feel guilty for loving hearing “I could make your pussy whistle, like the Andy Griffith theme song” rapped over one of the most innocent pop songs of all time.

Sometimes it seems like the shittier the songs used, the better the mashup is. Feelin’ like if you can make ‘Pink’ or the ‘Black Eyed Peas’ sound good, I am impressed.

Sometimes just putting a good rap song over an already good pop song works.

Sometimes it doesn’t.

Been considering making a mashup of my own. Just need some inspiration or maybe two song titles that when combined make a funny sentence/phrase. Just want lots of youtube hits/ compliments from internet strangers.

Was the evolution of Greg Gillis from nerd to indie God justified?
Are mashups destroying the music industry?
Is the music industry destroying mashups?
Should every mashup just use ‘little secrets’ as its base?
Are mashups supposed to be funny or catchy?
Is mashing certain artists disrespectful?
Is being ironic more important than sounding good?


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