Album Reviews: Delorean, Band of Horses

“Subiza” by Delorean

Delorean is a dance-pop group from Spain that specializes in beachy/dreamy electronic music.  If you liked their earlier stuff than there is little reason that you won’t like “Subiza”. As an album it really picks up where the 2009 “Ayrtron Senna EP” left off.  I feel  like everything on this album is “danceable”, but what makes it great is that you can just as easily have it on in the background while just relaxing with a few friends or surfing the internet or whatever. The vocals are simulatneously up-beat and relaxing and all sound like you are hearing them through some sort of distant echo.  “Subiza” could potentially be a great psychadelic drug album. Most of the songs already seem to envoke the feeling of flight. The only real critique is that there is no one single “dance anthem” on Subiza. Instead it is just a compilation of strong tracks that flow almost too well from one song to the next. At times the album just sounds like one long song. Despite this lack of diversity Subiza was certainly worth a listen.

Standout Tracks –

Simple Graces

Stay Close


Subiza 4 out of 5

“Infinite Arms” by Band of Horses

I kind of feel like Band of Horses “Infinite Arms” tries to capture the exact same feeling created by Delorean’s “Subiza” but instead of using electronic synthy music to create the feeling of a warm summer day, Band of Horses layers its own brand of echo(ey) vocals over some breezy, blown out folk rock. The result is also pleasant. The one issue with “Infinite Arms” is that it might be too laid back for its own good. Down the home stretch of this album I could see how “Infinite Arms” could quickly become nap inducing.

Standout Tracks –


Blue Beard

Way Back Home

Infinite Arms 3.5 out of 5


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