MIA: H8n hard

Mean Muggin'

Recently saw this MIA video that was supposed to be super controversial.

Apparently the violence/message in this video was too much for a lot of people/youtube. Seems like MIA really fucking h8s gingers. Gingers are probably the least alt race/ethnicity/phenotype. Even so not sure I expected to see little ones getting shot in the head at point blank. Still not sure I was “appalled” by the violence in this vid. Kind of think the fat-sex was the worst part. This might make me racist/weightist. I’m not really sure what to make of the song. It went with the video. But other than being the type of thing I could watch gingers get blown up to, I am not sure if I want to hear it again. Seemed like video game/made for TV sci-fi channel movie music.

Aside from clearly hating gingers. MIA has been rippin on people left and right lately. First she came out and ripped on Twilight. She said in some interview that she was asked to be part of the soundtrack for that Tween/vamp movie, but she said “Fuck No!”. Not sure if it’s because that movie sucks or because she just wants to go out on top of the movie sound track world after “SlumDog”. Not sure how proud of being on the slumdog soundtrack you can be though. Weren’t the Pussy Cat Dolls on that as well?

After this she basically said that Lady Gaga was just “pretend alt” and that Justin Bieber made her want to vomit and that he should be banned from youtube not her. Kind of agree about Gaga. Kind of get the impression that Gaga doesn’t even understand what she is doing. But I do feel like she is the gay rights movement’s equivalent to Dr. Martin Luther King. Not sure what to think about that.

As for Bieber, I think she is right but it seems like a weak move on her part. It would probably be a lot more alt to say you like Bieber. Fore example, ironically rocking a Bieber babydoll t-shirt to the next grammys would be pretty sick. I feel like making fun of bieber is too mainstream right now. My 12 yr old cousins do it via facebook all the time. It takes a hipster icon to embrace him. Has MIA lost touch?

At this point only someone truly 'alt' could not want to punch him in the face.

Kind of wonder who she is gonna rip into next. She needs to rebound from this Bieber misstep. P4k suggested Jason Derulo, a solid dark horse candidate. Personally, I think it could go one of two ways, Miley Ray Cyrus or Taylor Swift. If she goes with Miley Ray Cyrus we will all know that MIA is officially no longer cool. Miley is basically the female Bieber, it’d be too easy. Taylor swift though would be ballsy. Especially after Kanye already went there. Cuz now most people would think that she was especially untouchable. But if MIA could spew some ignant bull shit about how Taylor can’t sing or something to Rolling Stone, then we would be able to relax and know that MIA has still got it. The move is yours MIA.


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