Album Reviews: Beach Fossils, B.o.B, Club 8

Beach Fossils LP

Thoroughly enjoyed this one. The warbly vocals, and the hazy sense of nostalgia made this whole album just sound like a hipsters interpretation of watching old family videos. As you listen to songs like “Golden Age” and “Day Dream” it is really easy to picture the grainy sepia tone(d) footage of some little kid in one of those red cars u power with ur feet, a squirt gun fight by an inflatable pool, or other scenes of suburban summertime youth. Anyway, enough with ridiculous metaphors. Just take a listen.




Beach Fossils LP 4.5 out of 5

B.o.B – New Adventures of Bobby Ray

Worst album art of 2010??

Seems like B.o.B. came out of no where to be a major main stream success this year. After listening to “New Adventures of Bobby Ray” it’s really obvious that his goal was to own pop radio. This thing is cameo central from Eminem to Weezer, to T.I. B.o.B loaded it up with enough names and hooks to ensure radio time. At times this is to a fault. “Don’t let me fall” has the sappiest beat since “Shaggy’, and is a solid four and a half minutes of a rappers “cred” slowly disappearing. Sometimes everything a bout a track should be horribly wrong but somehow it comes out very enjoyable. I feel like the Rivers Cuomo led “Magic” should be a complete clusterfuck on paper, but in defiance of the will of the music God(s) I continue to play it. I think the album is at its strongest when Bobby Ray is just doing what he does best, rapping. He obviously is really talented and clever and I just wish there was a little more lyricism on this bad boy. I think the first half of “Higher” does the best job of highlighting is skilllz. The track is pretty bare bones: a tight beat, a singable chorus and the rest is just straight wordplay at 100mph. It’s songs like this that keep me from writing off a guy like B.o.B. Deep down under all the overproduced, autotuned high school prom nonsense, there is actually a good rapper in there.

Nothin’ on me



New Adventures of Bobby Ray – 2.5 out of 5

Club 8 – The People’s Record

Alright, Club 8 is a Swedish duo, known for creating light hearted dance pop music. 30 seconds into “The People’s Record” you would have been able to figure that out. Really had a hard time getting into this one for whatever reason. It seems like these two are good/adequate musicians and the music was ‘nice’ enough. I just found myself really bored with this one by like three songs in. While no band hopes to put you to sleep, I think this is especially troubling for a band who so desperately wants to seem fun and energetic. The one saving grace on this one for me was the song “Shape Up!”. It was uniquely catchy and I liked the little dip in the middle of the song.

Shape Up!

The People’s Record – 2 out of 5


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