Album Reviews: The Radio Department, Sleigh Bells

“Clinging to a Scheme by The Radio Dept.”

After I heard “Heaven’s on fire” I felt like this album was gonna blow my mind and be that ultimate chill summer album like “Logos” by Atlas Sound. Kind of feelin’ let down after listenin’ to the whole thing. Nothing on “Clinging to a Scheme” recaptured the shoe-gaze magic that was that first single. Overall “Clinging to a Scheme” seemed well put together if not a bit forgettable.

Heaven\'s On fire

Never Follow Suit MP3

Clinging to a Scheme 2.5 out of 5

“Treats” by Sleigh Bells

Couldn't find the album art on google images. But here they are.

Sleigh bells really walks the fine line between ear piercing noise and a catchy beat. The majority of the time I would categorize their tracks as the latter. Heard that they are signed to MIA’s label. Makes sense. Sleigh Bells are kind of like MIA on PCP. With a loud ragged guitar, reminiscent of something from a ‘Euroupe’ tribute band,”Tell ’em” the album’s opener kicks off with a bang. Its hard to believe that the sheer volume of the guitar and beat don’t overwhelm the poppy vocals, but they don’t. Somehow, miraculously, it all works together. The album is soo loud and in your face that by the time you get to “Rill Rill” it sounds even more soothing and charming than it already is. “Wonder what your boyfriend thinks about your braces? What about them? I’m all about them.” , is a comical bit of chorus f Rill Rill (which is sure to go down as the summer jam of the year) but it kind of seems like this line sums up the album. “Treats” is blunt and charming through all the stereo-busting racket. The sound may really turn some people off but, it seems far from pretentious. It’s almost like Sleigh Bells are having too much fun to worry about being ‘high-brow’.

Tell em

Ring Ring = Rill Rill

Crown on the Ground

Treats 4.5 out of 5


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    i declare that it’s great cool…

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