Late Night Recap – Black Keys x2, Frightened Rabbit, Damien Marley / Nas, Talib Kweli, The National

It was a pretty good week for late night performances. Most notably The Black Keys performed twice: a cool sophisticated version of “Tighten up” on Letterman, and a little more spastic, emotional performance of “Howlin’ for You” on Fallon.

Tighten Up

Howlin For You

Click here to watch!

Frightened Rabbit made their National TV debut on Fallon this week, and the Scottish group  lived up to their name, giving a visibly nervous but rockin’ performance of “Nothing Like You”. Afterwords they said that they were “shitting themselves”, as if we couldn’t tell. They were sweatier than a “3rd quarter Shaquille O’neal” before the performance even started.

Watch Here!

Meanwhile Kimmel had a couple of solid Hip-Hop performances. Talib Kweli and DJ Hi-Tek performed “Midnight Hour”. Unfortunately the audience seemed far too old/white/horrible, so the whole performance seemed really awkward. Kind of a shame.

Also Nas and Damien Marley performed earlier in the week on Kimmel to a much larger/more lively audience. Not sure what the flag twirlin-bro really added/subtracted to the performance though.

Finally last night The National gave kind of an underwhelming sleepy performance of “Anyone’s Ghost”. Personally would have much rather seen them perform “Blood Buzz Ohio”, “England”, or “terrible love”. Just wanted something a little more lively, considering it was just a one song performance. Not that the national are ever gonna be crowd surfing or anything. But “Anyone’s Ghost” really doesn’t even build up at all. Whatever.

Feelin’ like the Frightened Rabbit was probably the best out of all of them. Even Quest Love from the Roots commented on how good they were. Not that they needed Quest’s approval. Seemed like the nervous energy made for the best performance. It’s kind of refreshing to see a band that still cares enough to get nervous.

Oh ya I almost forgot. Leno had on Hanson this week. God he sucks.


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