Want to be a viral musician.

Always wanted to be a musician. Kind of feel like just listening to authentic music isn’t enough to make me a truly knowledgeable/pretentious critic. Not sure I can make it as a ‘serious artist’ via lack of talent/connections.

Figured the best way for me to get famous/followers on twitter would probably be to create a youtube video and go viral.

Seems like is all I will need is a mic, some wal-mart headphones, a comical voice and a shinier than avg face.

I could also go the adorable/azn route to viral fame. Might have started pondering internet stardom too late in life though. Also, might need an appropriately sized/ ridiculously inappropriately sized acoustic instrument.

Seems like their are a lot of talented people with videos out there who don’t have ‘mad hitz’. Probably need a good gimmick. Might want to try looking ‘too ugly’ to possibly be expected to sound good. Apparently this British broad wowed everyone, despite being ‘frumpy’.
Check out the eye roll at 1:24. That’s the type of thing that gets you almost 100 mill hits.

Most people with bowl cuts are thought to be talentless/poor. Not, karaoke super stars

Might not even have to be talented if you are uggo. Might just need to ham it up and sell out.

Really just want to be soo famous that someone offers to make a video (making fun) of me, with sweet ass vector like backgrounds and a promotional fruit of the loom ringer-tee.

Probably just need a really good hook, A simple easily reproduced beat that everyone gets stuck in their head. Probably just need an “America’s Funniest Home Videos” quality to my video. Probably need to keep it under 1 min to keep people’s interest. Probably just need to be a cat.

Is it better to have talent or hits?
Is internet fame better/ more relevant than ‘real’ fame?
At what age does not knowing the words to a song stop becoming adorable?
At what age does Jason Mraz stop becoming adorable?
Are bull cuts going to come back, ironically?
Are azns naturally better at viral vidz?

Just want to be famous.


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One response to “Want to be a viral musician.

  1. borntobelieve

    “Seems like is all I will need is a mic, some wal-mart headphones, a comical voice and a shinier than avg face.”

    Great post, really funny.

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