Late Night Recap – Phish, Sharon Jones, Miike Snow, Band of Horses

A lot of reruns this week in late night TV, but since I just recently added this element of my blog I figured I could still comment on these non-new performances despite them being blog-decades old.

Early in the week Band Of Horses performed their stand out single “Laredo” on Letterman. The performance was really spot on. It actually sounded even better than the album version. Although the lead singer’s head movements/faces when he hit the high notes were a bit tacky. Overall, though a job well done. Dave said it best after the performance: “Yep. That’s all your looking for right there”.
Didn’t realize a fat Joaquin Phoenix was in Band of Horses

The most soulful sister this side of 1965 also graced the Letterman stage this week, when Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings completely rocked a performance of their latest title track “I learned the hard way”. Typically Miss Jones tends to sacrifice a little vocal accuracy for performance energy. But I really felt like she nailed this one while still struttin it. Sharon Jones is probably one of the 4 or 5 coolest people making music today imo. Way 2 go gurrrrl!

Kimmel had on Miike Snow (and butchered the pronunciation of the name), which was cool but unexpected considering Snow’s album came out last year and the show was not a repeat. Snow gave a pretty cool performance of “Animal”. The song sounded a lot grittier on Kimmel. Feel like I liked that. The song always seemed a little too tweenish on the album. Not sure how well the audience received the performance. I feel like a lot of america is still confused by multiple synth-bros bobbing up and down via not being able to really understand what it is they are doing musically.

Finally, jam-banders rejoiced when Phish appeared on Fallon, to cover The Rolling Stones tune “loving cup”, marking the band’s first TV appearance in roughly 6 years. To be honest I’m not terribly familiar with this song but, the performance seemed very authentic. Also the Phish audience was probably the most lively Fallon concert crowd to date. Especially the girl in the yellow right behind the band. She was jammin throughout and kind of distracting.

Phish - Not on Fallon

Watch the performance here!

Personally I can not get over the Sharon Jones performance. But there was a lot of good stuff this week.


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