Album Reviews – Sonny and The Sunsets, Woods, Efterklang

Tomorrow is Alright by Sonny and the Sunsets

This was a nice surprise album for me. It’s not anything ground breaking, but if you like your rock acoustic, mellow, and somewhat goofy than this is probably a good album to pick up. It’s kind of like your best stoner friend made you a mixtape. My favorite song is “planet of women”.The conversational lyrics between Sonny and the dead-pan female vocalist are really funny, but not in the sense that it makes it a comedy song. I think that this album was what I expected Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero’s to be. I’m glad at least someone completely delivered the sepia toned, jam band type stuff I was looking for.

Too Young to Burn
Planet of Women

Tomorrow is alright 4 out of 5 stars

At Echo Lake by Woods

A lot of people seem to LOVE Woods. Never fully understood why. They seem ‘nice’ enough. But overall, can’t say that I’m completely enamored. They kind of sound like if ‘The Shins’ combined with ‘The Byrds’. Might have to be a hippy/pseudo-hippy to enjoy these guys fully. Might have to be on shrooms. Wasn’t a huge fan of the falsetto vocals either, not sure they went well with grittier guitar bits on the album. Overall, just not my cup of tea but I don’t think that it’s necessarily bad music either. ‘Blood dries darker’ is probably the most soulful song on the album however and is a solid single.

Blood Dries Darker
Suffering Season

At Echo Lake – 2.5 out of 5

Magic Chairs by Efterklang

Efterklang is an ‘art rock’ band from Denmark. Not completely sure what makes something ‘art rock’ seems like it has to kind of sound like it could be used on an airline commercial. Their single, ‘Modern Drift’ was super pretty in my opinion. It gradually builds and swells from just a repetitive piano key strike into a very large but peaceful full orchestral number. At times I felt like I just wanted the album to be a little more poppy. Just wanted something I didn’t feel like I had to dissect in order to enjoy. Despite the inevitable pretentiousness of anything entitled ‘art rock’ I thought there was enough enjoyable music here to keep me intrigued about upcoming Efterklang releases.

Modern Drift

Scandinavian Love

Magic Chairs – 3 out of 5


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  1. Thanks for supporting Sonny & the Sunsets!

    Sunsets’ new 7″ — “The Hypnotist” —
    AVAILABLE NOW on {future stress recordings}

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