Album Review combo – Deer Tick, Jonsi

Black Dirt Sessions by Deer Tick

A couple years back I heard a few quaint acoustic tracks by this gravelly voiced roots rocker. Despite a voice that was infringing on irritating, there was something endearing about the simple cheerful tracks. It seems like Deer Tick has strayed further from this sound with each of his three albums. Now by his third the grittiness of his accompanying music is matching his voice, and I’m not sure I like it. There was something about the Ying and Yang of the light little ditties being sung by someone with the voice of a chain smoking nam vet. Now I feel like Deer Tick’s music has lost its charm and is just a little too heavy and dull. The track “Mange” was pretty good though. The piano solo/free bird esque ending was a little tacky but a welcome diversion from the otherwise pretty dreary album.

Black Dirt Sessions 2 out of 5

Go by Jonsi

Album art of the year?

Go is the first solo album by the Sigur Ros front man. Frankly it’s about what I expected. At times it’s gorgeous (Boy Lilikoi), at times it seems a bit too pretentious. And makes you wonder who is just chillin’ to this music (Grow Till Tall)? I’m sure a lot of this went over my head and I’m probably just not cultured enough to appreciate this. Because of this, I’ll keep my review short. Boy Lilikoi

Around Us

Go: 2.5 out of 5


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