Album Review: Best Coast – Crazy For You

Crazy For You by Best Coast

Album art of the year? So far probably.

Best Coast does a good job of eliminating a lot of the convoluted, overly flowery aspects of indie rock. The whole album essentially hits one note, and it hits the hell out of it. The spark notes version of the album would be something like:Bethany Cosentino really likes some bro, probably spends too much time thinking about him, and the two have their ups and downs (heavy on the downs).

All the songs have kind of a moody, grunge/beach boys aesthetic, and all of them are 3min or shorter. The lyrics are simple, blunt, funny, and they hit home. Best Coast gets right to the point, which happens to be a place that we have all been:

“I want to hate you but then I kiss you.
I want to kill you but then I’d miss you”

“Nothing makes me happy.
Not even TV or a bunch of weed”

We’ve all been there.

Crazy for you: 5 out of 5


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One response to “Album Review: Best Coast – Crazy For You

  1. Megan

    Crazy for Best Coast. I especially love the California on the cat.

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