Album Reviews: Big Boi and Janelle Monae

‘Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty’ by Big Boi

Feel like this album had been anticipated and hyped up forever. Could be one of the rare times that an album this hyped falls into the ‘really good’ category. Seems like a lot of people just really miss OutKast. That’s understandable. Unfortunately for die hard OutKast enthusiasts and School dance DJs alike there doesn’t seem to be that one universally loved dance-jam of the likes of ‘Hey Ya!”. “Turns me on” seems to come the closest to replicating that smooth OutKast type vibe. It kind of feels like a sexier “Miss Jackson”. “Follow Us” is a really complete track and probably the most radio friendly of the bunch, it’s catchy and even has one of those main stream-alt rock power choruses that wacky morning DJ’s are so fond of. Essentially this album is far from a disappointment but it’s not quite “Hey Ya!”

The Son of Chico Dusty: 4 out of 5

‘The ArchAndroid by Janelle Monae’

This is easily the most ‘all over the place’ album that I have heard this year. Very few of these songs sound like they belong on the same album. ‘Tightrope’ should be the song of the summer and be blaring from every pop radio station for the next couple of months. The song sounds ‘hot’, if that makes sense, and really showcases Monae’s talents. The opening track “Dance or Die” is kind of like a modern day, hip hop, Gloria Estefan track and therefore is pretty fun. Although there are some really great summer jams on this album I cant help feeling like Janelle jumped the shark about halfway through this bad boy. The biggest stretch is probably the song ‘57821’ which honestly sounds like Simon and Garfunkel via Scarborough Fair / Canticle. Not sure that is really the influence that miss Monae should be channeling. Really, it was disturbingly ‘Joanna Newsomeesque’. Also, to say that “Make the Bus” was only featuring “Of Montreal” seems like more than a stretch. Let’s be clear, “Make the Bus” is just an “Of Montreal” track that somehow found its way on a Janelle Monae album. I like Of Montreal, but this one really threw me off. As did a lot of the last half of this otherwise promising album.

ArchAndroid 3 out of 5



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