The P4k experience.

Went to the P4k fest Saturday. Had to plan my trip/L train route via the google maps trip planner. Felt like a very entry level public transportation user. Realistically, probably could have just driven to an L stop and then followed the parade of wayfarers, high-waisted shorts, ironic facial hair, and quirky azn girlfriends to the festival. Feelin’ like the most notable new trend in fashion or otherwise, is to just comment on/gawk at the “hipster” fashion surrounding you, as if you are above/below the scene yourself. Saying things in a condescending manner like “Oh man, did you see that dude with the handle bar mustache in the Justin Beiber shirt? Sooo ironic lawl”.

Felt like it was the hottest day of my life. Probably not the best day to stand in a field with a large group of people, smoke drugz and eat vegan curry. Probably would have been a better day to be a shirtless festi-bro.

Wishin' I had ripped abs and a less than adventurous music taste.

There were some ‘memorable’ performances. Think that “Free Energy” had the best set. Feel like they ‘surprised’ a lot of people. It was fun, lively, catchy (fringing on repetitive), but really a great way to start the day. Got to be front row for Sonny and the Sunsets. They were solid, and a lot louder/more ‘jangly’ live than on their last album. Kind of pissed that they didn’t play “Planet of Women”. ‘Delorean’ wasn’t quite as good as I had hoped, it seemed like their vocals were too loud in comparison to their music. Might have just been too hot for me to really enjoy them while standing on a baseball infield. Titus Adronicus was surprisingly fun to watch considering I usually consider them ‘too screamy’ for my taste. They had lots of energy and seemed genuinely pumped to be there. Unfortunately I was really super far from LCD when they started, via me going back for seconds on some tri-meat pita thing. They still sounded really great and the performances of ‘All my friends’ and ‘Daft Punk is Playing at My House’ were both pretty rad.

The outrageously catchy, ‘Bang Pop’ was prob the best single song performance of the night for me. Bang Pop!


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  1. Thanks for supporting Sonny & the Sunsets!

    There are still copies left of the Sunsets’ “The Hypnotist” EP on beautiful multi-colored vinyl…AVAILABLE NOW on {future stress recordings}

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