Album Review: M.I.A. /\/\/\Y/\

M.I.A.: /\/\/\Y/\

I feel like there are two types of crazy: Kanye and MIA. The latter was on full display in her last album. Every so often you just get a gut feeling that a particular album is gonna be a disappointment, this one was of those instances. As soon as I saw the title, part of me went “uh oh..”, since even in her previous stuff (which I loved) she always seemed fully capable of jumping the shark at any moment. I almost feel like MIA doesn’t want people to really ‘get’ her anymore. There is no other explanation for this album. I’m not sure it is really possible to enjoy “Born Free” without the accompaniment of that crazy ass music video. The whole album actually seems to be more about spectacle than real music. Maybe her previous stuff did too, but she just pulled it off better. Not really sure. Can’t figure it all out today. Did y’all see her performance on Letterman?

Shit was beyond too crazy for a network TV audience. Not sure there is a lot of overlap in the “David Letterman fans / experimental noise rock” Venn diagram.

In all seriousness most of the tracks on this album were hard to listen to. The remix of “XXXO” (feat Jay-Z) was really the only ‘good’ thing about this bad boy. It was catchy and dancey. Kind of think everything that is associated with Jay-Z is just that.

XXXO (Remix)

/\/\/\Y/\ : 1 out of 5


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