Album Review: Tokyo Police Club – Champ

Tokyo Police Club: Champ

Admittedly I had never listened to Tokyo Police Club prior to “Champ”. I just knew that they toured with Passion Pit. Figured anyone touring with P-Pit would have to be catchy, fun and easily accessible. Sure enough “Champ” delivered. I kind of feel like if you replaced PP’s synths with guitars, that Tokyo Police Club is essentially the same type of music you would get.The dancey electro beat breaks have just been replaced by “ooh ooh” filled choruses. It’s the type of album that you want to think you would have grown out of for some reason. It’s certainly not going to make you feel cultured or mature. But really is that what you want from music? Maybe deep down is all I look for in pop-rock is an opportunity to clap-along to the music and some mildly angsty but optimistic lyrics. Tokyo Police Club certainly aren’t creating anything brand new but they are pretty good at following the recipe.

Favourite Food

Champ: 4 out of 5


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