Album Review: Wavves – King of the Beach

King of the Beach by Waaves

Never used to like Wavves much. Almost didn’t even listen to “King of the beach”. His pre KOB stuff always seemed too ‘fuzzy’. Not sure I am a high brow enough of a music consumer to enjoy fuzz-rock. Felt cautiously relieved when “king of the Beach” was neither fuzzy nor high brow. The album was basically a youthful, rebellious, upbeat, surf rock thing. Overall, I enjoyed it but I kind of feel like as a vocal protagonist “Wavves” comes off as sort of a dick. It’s almost like Bart Simpson made an album. Wavves might be too grimy to root for.

Mrs "Wavves"?

Mr Coast?

Maybe it’s just because it’s in my recent memory but it feels like this “Wavves” bro could be the guy that “Best Coast” was singing about on “crazy for you”. I bet if you played the two albums together it would create an “Aquaesque” “Barbie Girl type number. Not saying Wavves is as good as Best Coast (everyone liked the barbie part better).


King of the Beach 3 out of 5


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  1. Pretty sure you’re right about the relationship between Best Coast and Wavves. Kind of strange of similar the band names are too, don’t you think?

    I reviewed the first track from King of the Beach in detail on my blog, if you want to check it out.—-wavves-king-of-the-beach/

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