Album Review: Curren$y – Pilot Talk

Pilot Talk by Curren$y

And most laid back rap album of the year goes toooo…..well this one, obviously. Right off the bat you know that this album is down to chill. Lyrical topics include video games, smokin weed, name brand clothes, smokin weed, Flava Flave, smokin weed in public, junk food, Yancey Thigpen and smokin weed. It’s kind of refreshing to listen to a rapper whose idea of a good time isn’t unattainable for a guy like myself. Curren$y seems to kind of represent the everyman. He might be the PBR of hip-hop. I feel like the video for ‘Breakfast’ best represents the album.

Even though on paper the album seemed to be perfect, I have to admit that I got a little bit bored by the time the final couple of tracks rolled around. The smooth-jazz type beats had me feelin a bit sleepy towards the end. Could have used a couple more gritty/ticked-off tracks like, “The Day”. Anyways this was still a solid album and a nice change of pace from a lot of hip hop out there.

Pilot Talk – 3 out of 5


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