Album Review – Robyn: Body Talk Pt. 1

“Body Talk Pt. 1” by Robyn

Feelin’ like this album made me question why I like the music I like and hate the music I hate. In general I would have to say that I really liked most of “Body Talk”. It’s “feel good” music, in its own French Electro-pop type of way. It’s almost shocking that Robyn isn’t on every mainstream radio station. This is what what I find kind of disturbing. Can’t help but wonder if Robyn was on pop radio, would I have embraced “Body Talk” in the same way that I have? Might have just had knee-jerk disdain for mainstream pop music and never taken the album seriously. Kind of a shame.

“Dancing On My Own” is without a doubt the star of the album. It’s a melancholic synthy dance anthem. The type of thing that could be featured after a break-up in “Bridget Jones’ Diary”. You know, the scene where she gets tipsy off boxed wine and sings into hair brush or wooden spoon, or just decides to go out dancing with the girls! Really empowering stuff. Anyway, it works, and I listen to it frequently. Makes me want a daiquiri.

The first verse in “Cry When You Get Older” starts with a brief dip and the line: “Hold up a second, I got something on my dirty mind”. Robyn knows how to lure you into a song for sure. But let’s be real, this song could very well be Katy Perry. The track “Dancehall Queen” has a cool, reggae vibe and seems strongly influenced by late 90’s “No Doubt”. Could be worse influences I guess.

The most troubling track on the album is “Fembot” the chorus is catchy and stoopid, and the song is sung in that type of female-pseudo-rap style, that’s really reminiscent of well… Ke$ha. I feel like this song is where I draw the line. I refuse to admit that this is really “good” music. No matter who sings it.

Fuck Ke$ha.

[Audio Dancing On My Own

Cry When You Get Older


Body Talk Pt. 1: 3.5 out of 5


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