Mash-up – Catch-up!!!

Spent the last couple of days perusing the internet for some good mashups. Here are some of my favorites that you should take a listen to.

“Oh My Kids” (Usher Vs Sleigh Bells)

“Juicy Dollars” (Notorious BIG vs Aloe Blacc)
Juicy Dollars Free Stream
Hard to believe this isn’t the original song

“Trey-Dio Departmentz” (Trey Songz vs The Radio Dept.) The timeless Radio Dept. can even make Trey sound pretty good.

“The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance” (Vampire Weekend vs Miike Snow) Its like a very R2D2ish version of an already good song.

“Flag Wavin’ Mashup” (Khaan vs Kings of Leon vs Matisyahu vs Whitney Houston etc) Shockingly flawless

“Move it for Pimp” (Bun B vs The New Pornographers) The Hood Internet – Move It For Pimp (Bun B x The New Pornographers) by hoodinternet This shouldn’t work. But it does. Oh it does!

“All Talk” (Kid Cudi vs LCD Soundsystem vs Angry Christian Bale) All Talk Feat. Chip Tha Ripper Christian Bale by darrick.thomas “Dance Yrself Clean” might be a good enough song to carry any mashup combo

“This TightRope’s Made for Walkin'” (Nancy Sinatra vs Janelle Monae As good as the name would suggest

“Big Booty Bitches in Miami” (LMFAO vs Busta Rhymes vs Bombs Away vs Sir Mix-a-lot) Hands down the best big ass themed mashup of the year

“Testify” (Radiohead vs Kanye West) Radiohead and Kanye?!?! Shit was good before I listened to it.

“Back to Cali Gurls” (Notorious BIG vs Katy Perry) Surprised that this is the first good California Girls mashup I have heard. Also, Biggy is clearly the single most mashuppable artist

“Not Gunna Encore” (Jay-Z vs Black Kids) Jay-Z isn’t far behind.

“I Want to Get Away” (Fort Minor vs Daft Punk vs Lenny Kravitz vs Jet vs Hard-fi, vs Maroon 5 So much going on and it still doesn’t sound cluttered

“Maps To Chicago” (Sufjan Stevens vs The Yeah Yeah Yeahs Pretty stuff


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