Album Review: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin: Let It Sway

“Let It Sway” by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

The single most ridiculous name in ‘indie’ music is back, and still pretty enjoyable. First off, let’s talk about the cover art: I actually really like it, it’s appealing in a cultural anthropology type of way.

When at their best SSLYBY have a joyous, free and easy, power pop type sound. Really accessible stuff. Some of the songs on “Let it Sway” are finely tuned and seem to be about as good as the band has ever sounded. The opener, “Back in the Saddle” is flawless. The type of song that got me really excited to listen to the rest of an album that frankly, I wasn’t pumped about initially. The guitar that kicks in right after the first few lyrics is really simple and pretty. As the song picks up, the singing style and guitar chords sound almost like a cheerier, pubescent “Band of Horses” number. Just a great song.

The second track “Sink/Let it Sway” is the type of poppy, bouncy song that is essentially one giant hook. It even has a clap break. A CLAP BREAK! A well placed clap break is the sort of thing that can find its way into even the most calloused and pretentious hearts and put a smile on their face. The fun continues on the next song “Banned (By The Man)” picks up right where the last one left off, with more spirited upbeat pop-rock. Just replace the clap break for a lyricless “na na na” filled chorus and there you have it, sing along magic.

After hearing these three songs it would be understandable to be pumped for what the rest of “Let It Sway” had to offer. For some reason though, the rest of this bad boy was lacking something. Not sure if stylistically, I can only take so much of this type of music before it just all blends together, or if the last dozen or so tracks really just weren’t as solid as those first three. Either way, I still think those first three tracks alone are the most ‘excited’ I have ever been about SSLYBY. Maybe if they can string together a few more of those pop gems on their next album, we will really have something to talk about.

Sink/Let It Sway
Let it Sway 3 out of 5


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