The great “Knight” hope.

A bro's bro

Watched like 5 episodes of the new “Real World” in a row on the DVR the other night. Used to be kind of ‘sick’ of the real world. Wondered who really watched it anymore? Do the 13 year old girls of America still want to identify with generic mixes of relatively slutty early 20 somethings in a ‘baller’ house? Feelin’ like Jersey Shore has taken over the market via irony. Kind of feels like the type of irony that is so overdone that I don’t care about it anymore. Like the first couple of episodes of American Idol with the weird/shitty contestants. You know something is dead when 50 something Middle American whites start liking it. Hope my rents don’t throw a Jersey Shore party. Is there still room for the less blatantly douchey douches in reality tv or has J-shore changed the game?

Anyways, never really ‘connected’ with any of the bros on Real World. Always seemed too boring/ripped to relate to. Just want a mildly chubby “character” of a bro, that I could see myself getting hammered with. Just wantin’ someone to keep it real.

Gives me hope for being on Real World. Just want to go on national TV and act a fool, be insensitive, make fun of metro bros, and nail stooopid southern broads. Think im gonna go out and buy some axe ‘messy’ hair product and slight v-neck tees. This is a solid personal brand. Lets people know your stylish but not a “homo”.

Just want to chill with Knight.

Gettin' it.

Who’s your fave reality tv character?
Do you relate more to chubby peeps?
Which brand of axe hair product best represents your lifestyle?
Is Jemmy hot or just skanky?
Does it matter?
Is dvring Real World blogworthy?


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