Album Review: Stars – The Five Ghosts

The Five Ghosts by Stars

If you like your rock, electronic and delicate then this one is for you. I’m feelin’ kind of unmotivated about writing this review for some reason, so I’ll keep it brief. It’s nothing too original, with really obvious ‘new wave’ influences. And for some reason I really really want someone to step up and be the full time lead singer. I cant help but think of that chick from “Metric”, because she really carries a similar but seemingly less artistically impressive band, and because of her Metric had a lot more truly ‘memorable’ songs on their last album than Stars did on this one. Instead of having one powerhouse that puts a face to the band though, Stars is kind of left with this awkward Yeasayerish type sitch. Anyways, this album is still pretty pretty and worth a listen.

Here are some of the better songs…

We Don’t Want Your Body

Dead Hearts


The Five ghosts – 3 out of 5


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